Morocco and Semana Santa Prep

Well, these last few weeks have really flown by. I was sick after our trip to Prague, recovered, and joined the program for a trip to Morocco. We took a three-hour bus ride and then a ferry to get to Tanger where we stayed. The waters were a little rough on the way to Morocco and a lot of people got motion sick. We visited so many places in two and a half days it was insane. We saw Asilah, the Blue City, Tanger and went to a ton of different shops with hand-made products. It rained all day Saturday which was not awesome but we made the best of it and the beautiful views helped you to forget that you were wet and cold. Morocco is famous for its pure Argan oil and we went to a pharmacy to try it out. I bought some henna lipstick and this weird spice mix that you breathe in and it helps stop migraines, snoring, and allergies. We also went to a store where they made rugs and a store with handmade scarves and decorative blankets. Here I fell trap and bought a really gorgeous multi-color blanket that I want to use as a tapestry in my room. Once we went back to the hotel for the night we stayed there and I got to play a lot of euchre which I love. We also got to ride camels which was really a unique experience. This whole week has flown by and I've been preparing for my Semana Santa travels to London, Amsterdam, Hamburg, and Dublin. I think I have made the right choice leaving the city for Semana Santa because it is only Thursday and everyone and their brother are here. Plus, for class, today Loli and I took a field trip to all the nearby churches and saw the pasos. I cannot believe that they are all handmade and carried by men. These things are huge and have so many details it's breathtaking. Overall, I am realizing that my time here is getting shorter but am looking forward to the upcoming weeks.


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