This last weekend was an adventure. Six other girls and I took a girls trip to Prague. I did not know anything about the city, including that they don't use euros. You may be thinking, 'Savannah why on Earth did you not look up a single thing about the country you are visiting?' and I agree that is a great question. I had an amazing time and Prague was one of the most beautiful cities I have ever seen. The architecture was so beautiful and the views were to die for. We really just spent our time walking around and taking it all in. We saw the John Lennon wall, the Prague Palace, and much more. The food there was really different and I have come to like sauerkraut. There was also this amazing dessert that was like a thin and hollow cinnamon roll. Audrey and I shared ours and it was filled with chocolate strawberries and ice cream. You could also get it filled with whipped cream or caramel. We stayed in a really cute hostel and the 7 of us had a room to ourselves. On Saturday night we went on a pub crawl and I tried absinthe. It was by far one of the best going-out nights I've ever had. We met other people from the US and all over the world and ended up in a 5 story club. Sunday I spent the whole day sick while traveling and everyone starting to get sick Sunday night. Even though we all ended up with some type of virus it was amazing.


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