The Beginning of Spring Break

It has been a wild last few days. On Thursday I took an exam in my class and then we went to view all of the Semana Santa floats and take pictures. After that, I went home, ate lunch, finished my packing and Adri, Maddie, and I headed to the airport. We said goodbye to Maddie in the airport as she headed off to Barcelona and then Adri and I boarded our flight towards London. Upon arrival we had to take a train into the city and from there an Uber. By the time we made it to our hostel it was after 11 and we just headed to bed. Friday we took a Hop-on Hop-off tour and saw a lot of the major monuments. I ate fish and chips for lunch and Adri had chipotle. We met up with Meghan, Matt, and Logan from our program and just spent time wandering around the city. Adri and I took an overnight ferry to get to Amsterdam and it was amazing. We had our own cabin with bunk beds, our own bathroom, a 3 course dinner (with amazing lemon tart!!), and a breakfast buffet. It was basically an overnight cruise. We had to take a train into Amsterdam itself and we met a mother and daughter from North Carolina who were really nice. When we got to Amsterdam we met up with our friends Audrey and Avery and we walked around the shops and city. Adri spent the night with her friend and I stayed in the hotel with my best friend from home, Erin, and her friend from Ireland. Sunday we toured the Amsterdam Castle, visited the Red Light District, and just enjoyed the city. Monday was more relaxed and I left at 8:15 to travel to Hamburg for my solo portion of Spring Break. Today I did a walking tour of the city and later will be touring St. Pauli. So far this break has been busy, but very fun and I am excited to meet up with everyone in Dublin.


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