Week One

Well, this was the first week of classes and I made it through! I am taking an intensive language course and my class is huuuge. There is me, the professor, and oh yeah that is it. It's just me and the teacher four days a week for three and a half hours a day. I actually am really enjoying my class so far. We talk only in Spanish so I am getting a lot of practice in and its one-on-one help all the time, which is good because I like to ask a lot of questions. My teacher's name is Loli and she is so sweet. Surprisingly classes go by pretty fast and I am only aware of the fact that time is almost up because my stomach starts to rumble. I haven't quite adjusted to having such a late lunch after basically eating sugar for breakfast ( sorry kids even though whole grain is the first ingredient sugar is the second). God, I think I'm funny. So far this week it has been really fun, we even took a field trip to a traditional market with all fresh. By fresh produce I mean the fish still have eyes and the rabbits have fur. The market was right under Las Setas, a giant sculpture that looks kind of like mushrooms, and so she took me to see the view from the top. 

I have spent a lot of my free time exploring the city and simply being with my new found friends from the program. Everyone is super nice and we all get along really well. I also had my first Intercambio, a meet-up with others to practice speaking, with a woman named Rosario. I was really nervous and so naturally I arrived like twenty minutes early and then panicked because she is a Spaniard and therefore was a few minutes late. I call it "running on Spain time versus American time." Everyone in Spain is a lot more relaxed and life isn't so fast-paced, it's normal to arrive right on time as opposed to the U.S. where on time is late. We talked for about an hour and I think my Spanish is already improving a lot. It is hard to believe I have only been here a little over a week.

Looking forward to our trip to Grenada this weekend and can't wait to tell you all about it! 
¡Hasta Luego!

P.S. To see pictures of my experiences visit my Instagram @ saiie_savannah 


  1. Sounds like you're adjusting in perfectly! Maybe you'll slip up and call your teacher "Lori" someday!!! So what would you do purchasing a dead rabbit with the fur still on Savannah?! I'm gonna have to imagine your pictures, as I don't do Instagram...bummer! I love checking in on you! Drastically cold temps here last week, and ice and tons of snow this week! Enjoy dearie!


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