Another Weekend in Sevilla

As you probably guessed from the title I spent another weekend simply relaxing and enjoying Sevilla. On Friday I spent the morning alone and finally made it to Maria Luisa Park, which is now one of my favorite places in Sevilla. It was huge and absolutely breath taking. I explored and spent some time reading while enjoying the lack of people and nature. Then I went to the Aquarium with two friends. The aquarium had a whole room of jellyfish and a green anaconda, two of my favorite animals, so I was pleased. I ended up walking like 12 miles that day between the park, the aquarium and getting food. Many people were traveling this weekend so I got to spend more time with Ahnna, Amanda, and Jenna which I really enjoyed because I don't see them much during the week. We went to an amazing tapas restaurant in Alameda Hercules and after had a few drinks and smoked a hookah (sorry lungs). Saturday I tried a poke bowl, went to the top of Las Setas, sat by the river, watched a little Netflix, and then went out to dinner. After dinner, Amanda, Jenna, and I went to a bar to meet Logan's dad and brother and had some drinks. When I got home at 3 am, not drunk by the way, my host dad had put his key in the lock so I could not open the door and had to call them. Luckily, they were not mad and still kinda awake. Sunday I met with my friends Melanie and Fernando to get breakfast and to help Melanie study for the TOEFL test. It was a weekend well spent enjoying the weather and just being with friends.
Today I visited the Real Alcazar, a palace, in Sevilla with my professor and am studying for a quiz tomorrow. I'm looking forward to meeting a new intercambio tomorrow and going to Prague this weekend.


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