My Trip to Madrid and Volunteering

News flash everyone: the longer you wait to buy plane tickets the more expensive they are! Learned this lesson the hard way. Needless to say Audrey and I took the train to Madrid, which quite honestly was much less stressful and way more comfortable, but we made it! The two of us left on a Thursday morning and were in Madrid by the afternoon! We stayed in a hostel, my first time, that was not amazing but definitely wasn't horrible. In an effort to save money we shared one large bed in a room with about 30 other people. Definitely was an experience I will remember. Our bed looked a little like a cupboard and we had a curtain for privacy. It made me feel a little like Harry Potter living under the stairs. We met up with one of my friends from high school and explored Retiro Park and some of the other sites in Madrid then we went to a Bastille concert. Akine and Lewis Capaldi were the opening bands and I think Lewis may be one of my new favorite artists. Bastille was incredible and sounded exactly like they do in their recordings. We spent Friday visiting El Prado and the Reina Sofia art museums where we saw works from Picasso, Goya, Velasquez, Salvador Dali, and more. I liked the Reina Sofia museum better because you could take pictures inside and it was less of a tourist attraction. We came home mid-day Saturday and I finally made it to a Discoteca. I am not a big drinker and clubs here don't even open til around 12:30 am which is when I like to be going to bed. It was really fun....until Sunday morning ;). 
I have also started volunteering at a local school helping kids with homework and teaching English. It is basically my dream job and I am loving it so far. The kids are so excited to learn and are appreciative of the opportunity to work with a native English speaker. Some of the girls even wrote me notes and drew me pictures to thank me. I am so excited to continue working with them and will be sad to leave in May.
This weekend we are going to Cordoba and on Saturday I am going to Cadiz so it will be a great weekend!


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