Enjoying a Relaxing Weekend in Sevilla

Hello readers! This was my first weekend in Sevilla where I had absolutely nothing planned and it was amazing. I had no day trips or anything and really spent the whole weekend relaxing and enjoying how amazingly warm it is here. On Wednesday I went with my friend Melanie, from Germany, and Fernando, from Cadiz, to see Captain Marvel and learned that there is both a movie theater and huge shopping area close to my house. Captain Marvel was amazing and no I did not have to watch it in Spanish. Melanie also cooked me an amazing dinner with sooo many vegetables :) Thursday I showed two of my friends the Nervion, the plaza near my house, where we got frozen yogurt (I am seriously obsessed with it right now) and went shopping. I spent Friday day relaxing near the river and being with friends. It was Maho's, the Japanese exchange student, last few nights in Sevilla so her friends came over and showed us how/made us sushi. We stayed up late talking to Maho and her friends and Saturday morning her and I went to the city center to get the last few souvenirs she wanted from Sevilla. Maho left on Sunday morning at 7 am, I woke up to give her a hug goodbye, and by 4 pm Molly and I had switched into her room and we got two Italian girls. It is definitely not the same without Maho around but I am very glad I got to meet her.
I have been continuing to go to Lora Tamayo to volunteer and I am still loving my time there. I have definitely learned a lot of math because not even division is the same here. But now I can explain it to you in Spanish or English so that is definitely a plus. I have also noticed a lot of overlap in the vocab that I pick up from helping at the school with the vocab that I use in my own classes. It is honestly amazing how much you learn without even knowing you are learning.
Other than the fact that we ate a raw beet and onion salad as part of lunch today and I booked a flight to the Canary Islands I really don't have much else to say. A boring weekend to read about I am sure but one of my favorites here so far.
I am in Sevilla again next weekend before I begin a month of traveling every weekend and am hoping to go to the aquarium here. There are only a few weeks left and I can not believe how fast time has flown by.


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